so, i am watching this show on the history channel called ufo's in the bible. it's hilarious in it's crazy.
i haven't laughed so hard in ages.

according to these folk, aliens:

* parted the red sea
* led the jews through the desert
* fed them mana
* gave us the ten commandments
* took elijah
* impregnated sarah


how did i miss this all these years of bible reading!! it all makes so much sense!!

i can also conclude from this, that if aliens are behind the gospel, then kripke must be clued into this too, and it's not angels and demons, but aliens that are sam and dean's plague. YES/YES??

also, also; a yahoo search on 'ufo's in the bible' comes up with a distrubing amount of hits.

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i've heard of this theory... and i must say it's quite weird. i think mulder would love it. XD

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mulder would highly approve. had i an xfiles icon i would be using it here, so let's just pretned, k?

in other news, i am completely made of fail and fell asleep during 24. wtf?

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i can only imagine, if you fell asleep during that episode, that you must be excruciatingly sleep-deprived and MUST GO TO BED EARLY TONIGHT. (and rewatch 24 tomorrow. hee!)

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you must be excruciatingly sleep-deprived

trufax, that. plus, i have the 'monthly' energy drain upon me right now too.

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Weird question: "Gonna get raped" macros - are they funny? I say yes.

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ummmmm..........yeah. i need more context. i have never seen those.

*is clueless* <-----is an oft normal state for me. =)
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Well, you're gonna get some context because when I mailed you photoshop I also included a bunch of other stuff (like a ton of macros) and after I mailed the disk I was like, hmm. SOME OF THAT MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE!
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Shit, I hit return before I was done.

Anyway, I save pics that I think are funny or fucked up, and I sent some to you as a bonus because you had to wait so long for your disk. Prepare to be on the receiving end of a picture of some dude who got a dragon tattooed on his penis. JUST A WARNING.
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Here you go. The first pic is the original macro, which has spawned about a million imitators (some more funny than others, obv).

Anyway, I was just like, omg if she is offended by joking refs to rape, she's gonna be PISSED because I just sent a bunch.

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i have never seen those. it takes more than that to offend me, so no worries.

i look forward to getting your tidbits. =)

and than ks again for the photoshop. you're awesome.
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Yeah I thought you would be cool with it but you never know. I'm sure there's something in there to offend you, because I save a bunch of those JUST to horrify other people. With love!

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LMFAO - chiming in way late but . . . now I have to go download this show of which you speak - or something. Because I'm always looking for something to believe in. *nods* This could very well be IT. THE BIG THING THAT WILL CHANGE MY BELIEF SYSTEM FOREBERZ! LOL . . . And I checked that link you posted and all I can say is: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Holy crap, seriously?

Heh - I have yet to watch Nostradamus 2012 . . . have you seen that one? I haven't watched it because it's going to scare the hell out of me. I just know it.

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in went to mass tonight, and found myself thinking about jesus and aliens. and j was with me, and she saw the show too, and her and i on such the same brainwave sometimes, we looked at each other and didn't have to say a thing and we started to crack up.

haven't watched it because it's going to scare the hell out of me. I just know it.

hey, i convinced thw world was going to end in 1988. my young and impressionable teenaged brain had gotten a hold of a pamplet that had the armageddon all spelled out and had mathmetical equations to support the theories and bought it hook, line, and sinker. needless to say, i lived to see another day of hellish high school, lol.


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