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([personal profile] tiffosis Apr. 9th, 2009 04:10 pm)
and the holiday weekend starts............NOW!!!

i love 3 day weekends! my plans include, in no particular order:

* sleeping in
* watching more bsg
* sleeping in
* going to church friday
* eating chocolate bunnies
* and sleeping in

oh, and maybe a nap or three to just to keep things interesting.  *nods*

happy easter everyone!!!

From: [identity profile] buriedchild.livejournal.com

That sounds like the best three day weekend ever.

Being one who works this entire weekend will envy you in all your chocolate napping glory.

From: [identity profile] elusive-life-77.livejournal.com

Happy Easter and Happy Three Day Weekend to you Dah-ling!

Be sure to eat something sweet and yummy for me! (my teeth hate me)

'nuggle ms frannie from me!


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