happy easter you guys! here's the frannie bunny to bring you love!

sorry for the lateness, j's parent's were in auto accident early  this morning, and we've been with them all day. they are both alright - bruised ribs, soft tissue injuries, abrasions from the glass, but nothing seroius, thank god, but their car was totaled and there was a fatality in the car that hit them. makes one really, extra thankful for the gift that Christ gave us today.

here's somne more pics of frannie in her easter outfit for your enjoyment. hope you all had a lovely day. =)

edit: just found an article about the accident.

From: [identity profile] buffyaddict13.livejournal.com

omg! i'm sorry about j's parents! :-( is j okay? are you okay? i hope you had a little bit of good today sweetie.


From: [identity profile] buriedchild.livejournal.com

Im glad J's parents are alright. That's a scary thing, that is and I'll pray for speedy recoveries for all.

Also, the bunny ears are cute, but making your dog wear pants is inexcusable. Tisk tisk.

From: [identity profile] tiffosis.livejournal.com

but look how happy she looks wearing those pants.

and thank you for the good thoughts mom and pop j, that is very much appreciated. they are like my second parents.

From: [identity profile] cycatryx.livejournal.com

now that is just too cute! that first picture - ♥ ♥ ♥!!!


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