my weekend, let me cliff note it for you.

* the animal communication class was AMAZING. there is so much i am still processing about it, and i have yet to be able to verbalize in a coherent fashion. i'll share soon.

* the charity event in which miguel was to perform in today was canceled, so we went out last night.

* said night out with miguel and his husband michael was cut down it's prime. miguel lost his wallet between leaving his house and us arriving in the castro, so we finished our round of drinks and headed back to his place to search. it has yet to be found. highlights of the brief time spent in the city included:
- discovering that the castro district is beautiful, full of life and people in love and is so quiet and peaceful, that it didn't seem like we were in SF at all.

- a bar called The Mix was lovely, and wish we could have spent more time there, and at the other bars miguel had planned for us to visit.

- walking hand in hand with miguel and michael down aforementioned streets was happy, happy moments.

- boys showing off and posing for my camera:

naughty boys!!!!!

* sitting down now to catch my breath. whew!!!!

how was everyone elses's weekends?

From: [identity profile]

I am so sorry I totally bailed last night. I was doing homework and then suddenly it was 9:45 and I had no energy to go out. But it sounds like it was a short night anyway.

I wish Miguel luck with finding his wallet!

From: [identity profile]

no prob babe. homework is important.

i'm hoping to get another night out planned. one with no wallet losing. =)

From: [identity profile]


glad you had a good weekend! <3

From: [identity profile]

it was good! non-eventful, mostly. got some house-cleaning done, took a walk through an arboretum on sunday with the bf, watched the tudors and got caught up on the fringe. 'twas relaxing. the weather was alternately gorgeous and hot - it got up to 92 degrees yesterday! *very* uncommon for april in PA.



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