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this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

*wipes at tears*

From: [identity profile] tiffosis.livejournal.com

he's my favorite. i love the little noises he makes.

*smishes him*

how is the state of cyx today?

From: [identity profile] cycatryx.livejournal.com

he *does* make some pretty cute noises. :D

how is the state of cyx today?

meh, i feel kind of blah today actually. it's probably mostly pms. the bf's friend suddenly decided to come into town and so there's this bbq that he (the bf) wants to go to with him, and i don't feel like going. and it sucks because every time i decide not to go somewhere with him i feel like i get this big silent guilt trip. or maybe it's just me. idk. either way, it sucks. *wangst*

how is the state of tiffosis today?? ♥

From: [identity profile] tiffosis.livejournal.com

aah, that sucks. public appearances whilst pms'ing are HARD. i wish you the best.

i too, am in a hormonal state. if my period does not start soon, i may hurt someone. it's a fine, fine line i am walking today. everyone should beware. and i have to clean my desk, as i am getting dual monitors. whoop-de-fucking-do. a way to increase my productivity. gag me.

i thought 24 is a bit slow last night. olivia is a dumb cow. chloe is my hero.

From: [identity profile] cycatryx.livejournal.com

dual monitors! D: omg. i've always found them confusing. i am NOT a multi-tasker. hopefully you *are*. ;)

24 was a bit slow. my coworker and i were just discussing that, actually. i hate olivia pretty well, and tony, too. chloe rocks. jack is sick, sick, sick. D: but kudos to renee for keeping her cool! \0/


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