if my period does not start soon, i am liable to kill someone.

i am a walking ball of hormones and it is not pretty. nothing tastes good right now. i can't stand being clothed. i am crying/raging over stupid things like not wanting to eat the lean pocket i brought for lunch, or, or....i don't even know, everything!!!!

please tell me/show me something funny, or cute.
or why i need to shut the hell up cuz it could be worse.

in the meantime, to make matters even more fun, i have to clean my desk, as they are installing dual monitors for me this afternoon. i do not like changes like this. i think it is dumb. i like my lack of productivity just fine, thank you very much. have they seen all the stuff i have? they probably have, which is why they sent out a memo that read thusly:

1. Clear off a space 1 foot wide around your computer.
2. Remove everything on your monitor.

Clear off everything around your computer:

* sticky notes
* reference materials
* note trays
* telephones
* photos
* phone lists
* food
* kewpie dolls
* pencil holders
* kleenex boxes
* speakers
* headsets
* artwork
* stuff
* soda cans
* water bottles
* coffee cups
* unicorns
* action figures
* books
* staplers
* trash
* turtles
* fruit
* fish
* other stuff
* hand lotion
* cleaning supplies
* tape dispensers
* drawings
* star charts
* magazines

i like whoever wrote this memo. they obviously have a sense of humor. they also must have used my desk a point of reference, as i have STUFF, OTHER STUFF, and  ACTION FIGURES GALORE here.
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