hope eveyone's had an enjoyable weekend.

i had a crappy, crappy day at work on friday, saturday morning and day wasn't much better, but saturday night was much improved and quite enjoyable. plus, i'm still getting over that horrible cold i had this week, and j is also sick now. i'm hoping i don't sick all over again, before my upcoming trip. i've beenn taking airborne. i hope it helps.

we had our monthly girl's poker nite last night, and since 3 of our group have birthdays in january (me, stef, and jacqueline), we celebrated those while we were together. we had a great time, lots of yummy food, some booze (at least for me, hee!) and prezzies.


i took of bunch of piccies, let me show you! )

i took many pics, let me show them to you )



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