tiffosis: ((text)buffy is my constant)
( Jan. 26th, 2009 12:43 pm)

i am still having an awesome, awesome time here in wisconsin with[info]buffyaddict13

 have done so many fangirlish things with her, such as:

- watched repo! (AWESOME MOVIE!!!)
- watched blackpool
- watched some doctor who
- drank much cocoa and coffee
- had bacon with almost every meal
- took a walk today through some pretty, snowy woods

will post pics later, but here's one we took on our walk earlier:

please to be noting the awesome hat [info]buriedchild knitted for me, pom-pom, ftw!!! =D

we're leaving in a few minutes to go pick up tk, and i'm stoked to get to meet buffy's awseome kid. i'm headed home tomorrow, and although i am sadface to be leaving, i will be happy to get back home to frannie (i miss her terribly) and to someplace where there isn't a layer of perma-frost. BRRRR!!!!




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