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( Feb. 20th, 2009 01:50 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] buffyaddict13  emailed me earlier to ask how i was, what follows was my response:

i feel like crap
it's stupid busy here
i hate the world  

she has deemed it the saddest haiku ever. and i wasn't even trying to be a poet. go me.

and i do truly feel like crap. and i am exhausted. and work sucks ass this week.

aaaaaand.......i almost passed out again, at work yesterday. while sitting in my chair, talking to a customer. in my chair!!! wtf? my gay work husband kirk happened to be in the vacinity at the time, so i foolishy called out to him, cuz the extreme dizziness was scaring me and i guess i wanted someone there in case i was going to face plant from a seated position.

i forgot he's a registered nurse, so he went all nurse-y on my ass. talk abut embarassing. he magically produced a stethescope and a blood pressure cuff out of his ass, and my blood pressure was 140/90. i am being told this is bad, and is probably what's causing these dizzy spells and near pass outs.

i have a doctors appointment monday morning. i can already predict what she is going to tell me (so why waste the money?)......loss weight, excerise, less salt, less stress. see? i'm a doctor now!!


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