i still have yet to last night's SPN.

i'm appearantly too lame to figure out how to find the ep on CW's website. it seems as if clicking the mulitiple links that say 'WATCH FULL EPISODES' really means you want to watch the preview for next week's ep over and over, or jensen doing eye of tiger. which, hello, i do enjoy, but not right the fuck at this time.

when does itunes have new eps ready to go? it's not there.

hulu links to the CW site. see above.

i'm not really willing to try any other site, after last night's debacle in which my computer got infected with a frakking virus when trying to watch the ep. i don't remember what site it was now. my memories are a red haze of anger when it comes to last night.


edit: AND ALL IS GOOD IN THE WORLD AGAIN, THANK YOU [livejournal.com profile] riverbella !!!!!!

you're a life saver. the green kind, cuz they're the best kind of life savers. trufax.


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