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( Mar. 16th, 2009 06:02 pm)

there is this awesome friend of mine, of all of us that is,[info]buffyaddict13, and she has this even more awesome kid, tk, whom i know we all adore.

*smishes them both*

it's come to our attention recently that tk's PT greatly benefits from the use of the wii fit balance board and ski game, to help rehab his ankles and toeses. the buffyaddict13 household does posess a wii, but not the said balance board.

so, what say we all pitch in and get tk the wii fit bundle and a ski game?

i've priced the wii fit bundle on amazon, and it looks like we can get the wii fit bundle a the ski game for under a $100. i'll start by tossing $20 into the pot.

*throws in all my spare change and poker winnings*

i've set up a paypal account for donations for anyone that'd like to help, and when we reach our goal, i'll use the funds to purchase the items from amazon and have them shipped to tk.



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