behold, the new armchair..........

old armchair died on january 13. new one purchased the following day at ashley home furnishings......they are made of fail, and after waiting 2 months, was finally able to get them to refund the money, as chair and yet to be delivered. they even tried to say a refund could not be had, as there were no refunds after 30 days, and had to argue THAT THERE IS NO CHAIR HERE YOU MORONS!!!.

so, off to jcpenny's on march 4, where an even better chair was purchased for just a bit more dough........more waiting ensued, and today, FINALLY, the chair drama is over.

also behold, the bells and whistles, that the ashley chair didi not have:



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( Apr. 9th, 2009 04:10 pm)
and the holiday weekend starts............NOW!!!

i love 3 day weekends! my plans include, in no particular order:

* sleeping in
* watching more bsg
* sleeping in
* going to church friday
* eating chocolate bunnies
* and sleeping in

oh, and maybe a nap or three to just to keep things interesting.  *nods*

happy easter everyone!!!

so, i am watching this show on the history channel called ufo's in the bible. it's hilarious in it's crazy.
i haven't laughed so hard in ages.

according to these folk, aliens:

* parted the red sea
* led the jews through the desert
* fed them mana
* gave us the ten commandments
* took elijah
* impregnated sarah


how did i miss this all these years of bible reading!! it all makes so much sense!!

i can also conclude from this, that if aliens are behind the gospel, then kripke must be clued into this too, and it's not angels and demons, but aliens that are sam and dean's plague. YES/YES??

also, also; a yahoo search on 'ufo's in the bible' comes up with a distrubing amount of hits.

this is einstein, my lil' roborovski dwarf hamster that i recently got.
roborovski's are the smallest and fastest of all hamsters.

as you can see, he is VERY wee. here's some pics of the my wee man. )

frannie on cat patrol.

wisteria in bloom


view of side garden

i saw a meme i liked, and i stoled it. =)

read it or i'll send frannie over to kill you with teh cute! )

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( Mar. 27th, 2009 11:00 am)
Rest In Peace, Officers John Hege, Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Sgt. Ervin Romans and Sgt. Dan Sakai.

Thank you for your dedacation to serve and protect, and may your memories live on as a reminder to the risks and danger law enforcement officials world over face every day.

Oakland prepares for a day of mourning

This tragedy is still upsets me a lot, and I am so, so very angry about these needless and sensless deaths, that it's been hard for to talk about it much. And for the killer's sister to say "he's not a monster"..........really?! Your brother shot 4 cops, raped a 12 year old I need to go on?  *hands*

The year is 1980 and two aspiring young actors are cast in the short-lived cross-dressing situation comedy Bosom Buddies. One of these two young men possesses powerful charisma and shows great promise, while his costar is affable but unexceptional. Then, in a what can only be described as a cosmic tragedy, a mind-boggling mix-up of fates, while the middling actor went on to enjoy a celebrated career as one of Hollywood's most successful actors of all time, his former partner, the truly gifted one went on to wallow in near obscurity. As a token effort to correct this staggering injustice, we present this peek into an alternate universe where it is Peter Scolari who is America's favorite actor, and that other guy who struggles to get parts.

Who knows? Perhaps if Scolari had been cast as 'Buffy' and Hanks as 'Hildegarde' a website like this would not need to exist.

it's a funny site.........clicky on the above link for more. =)

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( Mar. 25th, 2009 06:48 pm)

i may or may not have a cotton candy addiction........


it's GOOD.

and that segue's nicely into this.......

i was meeting with a new doctor tonight, and after having a nice 'get-to-know-you' chat, he proceeded to listen to my heart and lungs. i have a horrid..........fat roll. there. i said it. not that's it the only one, but anyways, this particular one is one my side, below the underarms, adjacent to the boobal area. and yes, boobal is a word.

so, doc honbo was looking for a place to position the stethescope n my back and.......he came across this beauty, and the following words were exchanged:

doc: is that a lipoma,or is
me: o_O

*awkward silence*

me: that's me.

yeah. can we say embarassing? but, he did give me an rx for flexeril, so he's a keeper. =)

humongous, giant, wet, sloppy thank you's to the following peeps for their generous donations for tk''s wii fit:

[ profile] cycatryx 
[ profile] chemm80 
[ profile] riverbella 
[ profile] jomk 
[ profile] kymellin 
[ profile] back_in_black 
[ profile] frontyardninja 
[ profile] estei 
[ profile] mcgarrygirl78 
[ profile] quellefromage 
and someone who didn't comment or message me, i know you're name, but i don't want to use that here, so thank you too!!!


we went well above and beyond the call, and i had to get creative how to spend the funds. soon, amazon will be shipping out not only a wii fit (that includes the ski game), the package of tk love will include the shaun white snowboarding road trip game (highly recommended), a balance board charger, and 2 books on the german language as meister tk is quite the budding linguist.

thank you all again for your generousity.  it is much appreciated.
hi guys!


i want to buy photoshop, or a similiar software, and i am overwhelmed by how many choices there are.

what do you guys prefer/recommend?

i don't want to spend too much, looking in the $100-150 range. i also see there are some free things too, like google picasso. oh, annd nothing that's too complicated.

photoshop elements 7 seems to be getting the best reviews on amazon.....


wow you guys. just WOW.

*is floored*

thank you to everyone who donated. THANK YOU.

for those of you that donated and sent me off-line messages, please let me know if you want to remain anon, cuz the thank you train is a coming here to tiff's lj soon.

you're generous donations have well exceeded to goal i set to cover the cost of tk's wii fit and ski game.

everyone okay with a second game to be purchased? anyone have suggestions? please to be letting me know what you think a good game involving the balance board is, and maybe has a cool factor. other than a nintendo ds, tiff's last game system was a sega. yes. i'm that old.

*hugs you all*
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 06:02 pm)

there is this awesome friend of mine, of all of us that is,[info]buffyaddict13, and she has this even more awesome kid, tk, whom i know we all adore.

*smishes them both*

it's come to our attention recently that tk's PT greatly benefits from the use of the wii fit balance board and ski game, to help rehab his ankles and toeses. the buffyaddict13 household does posess a wii, but not the said balance board.

so, what say we all pitch in and get tk the wii fit bundle and a ski game?

i've priced the wii fit bundle on amazon, and it looks like we can get the wii fit bundle a the ski game for under a $100. i'll start by tossing $20 into the pot.

*throws in all my spare change and poker winnings*

i've set up a paypal account for donations for anyone that'd like to help, and when we reach our goal, i'll use the funds to purchase the items from amazon and have them shipped to tk.

i still have yet to last night's SPN.

i'm appearantly too lame to figure out how to find the ep on CW's website. it seems as if clicking the mulitiple links that say 'WATCH FULL EPISODES' really means you want to watch the preview for next week's ep over and over, or jensen doing eye of tiger. which, hello, i do enjoy, but not right the fuck at this time.

when does itunes have new eps ready to go? it's not there.

hulu links to the CW site. see above.

i'm not really willing to try any other site, after last night's debacle in which my computer got infected with a frakking virus when trying to watch the ep. i don't remember what site it was now. my memories are a red haze of anger when it comes to last night.


edit: AND ALL IS GOOD IN THE WORLD AGAIN, THANK YOU [ profile] riverbella !!!!!!

you're a life saver. the green kind, cuz they're the best kind of life savers. trufax.













it's you birthday [ profile] pdragon76 !!
i hope my favorite dragons is having a great day!!!!

*throws confetti*
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 10:32 pm)

dizzy, yes, but still standing. yay me!
thank you all for your well-wishes. *hugs*

what better way to bet back into the swing of things than sharing some frannie pics?

improper use of a snuggle ball, imo.

frannie does not agree. she thinks it's a-ok.

this is how does my darling dog treats me at 4:30 in the morning, while i am dragging my ass out of bed to go to work. by crawling back under her bed. way to show mommy you feel her pain!

frannie and a recent new addiiton to her toy collection. before she killed it.

enjoying a patch of sunlight.

as you can see, frannie is a dog of leisure. =)

Fly Away
- by Poe

It makes sense that it should happen this way
That the sky should break
And the earth should shake
As if to say:
Sure it all matters but in such an unimportant way
As if to say, hey

Fly away
Sweet bird of prey
Fly, fly away
Nothing can stand in your way
Sweet bird
If you knew the words
I know that you'd say fly
Fly away

It makes sense that it should hurt in this way
That my heart should break
And my hands should shake
As if to say:
Sure it don't matter except in the most important way

As if to say:
Hey, fly away
Sweet bird of prey
Fly, fly away
I won't stand in your way
Sweet bird
If you knew the words I know that you'd say
Fly, fly away

It makes sense that it should feel this way
That you slowly fade
And yet still remain
As if to say:
Everything matters in such an invisible way
As if to say:
It's ok
Fly Away




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