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My life?

Okay, it's not really that exciting. I stay up way to late, I get up really, insanely early (4:30am! people). I ingest loads of caffiene. I muddle through a job so that I can take a home a paycheck to support my fangirl habit. I watch too much TV. I talk to [personal profile] buffyaddict13 all day long and pine for her when she, *sigh*, has to work and be a mom and stuff. I love Supernatural and the Winchester brothers to a dangerous degree. If it's sci-fi, I love it. And books. And the internetz. Did I mention chcolate? That too.

In between all that, I dote upon my little dog, Frannie. She is a warm, fuzzy ball of black fur that can me smile by simply wagging her tail. She is my sunshine.

Friending policy: If you friend me, it's pretty much a given that I'll friend you back. =)

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