Dear New Curb at Work,

Thank you for coming into existence, and for doing so without any warnings. Say, like some nice yellow paint, or a railing, or some such nonsense. Because of your kindness, I fell right off of you. Right.Off. So now I sit here, in pain, with my foot swelling and my toes tingling.

I hate you, curb.

I hope you chip away quickly, or become discolored.


On the plus side (because I need one right now) this IS NOT A HORSE RELATED INJURY. Amazing, I know. My left ankle and the top of my foot hurt, plus both of my knees. I went down hard. The swelling seems to be on the top of my foot, and I fear one the foot bones may be broken. Thought it was going to be my ankle that was the real injury, I don't really know now.

What happened? They have been renovating the building I work in. For the past two months or so, they have had the 1st floor entrance closed while they worked on that, and we all had to enter via the 2nd floor entrance (we are on a hill, so front of building is higher). So, they finished that, and yesterday they closed the 2nd floor, and we are all back to going in through the 1st floor. 

Well, apparently, when they rebuilt handicap access, they installed a SECOND CURB (!!!) before the normal curb that goes down to the parking lot. I don't know the why behind this. So, my carpool friend and I are leaving the office, and BAM, down I go off of the new unannounced, unadorned curb. Louise immediately called our boss, Janice, to tell her; cause one, it happened on the property, and two, I am sure I am not going to be the only one to go walking off the new cliff of doom. They really need to mark this new curb.

Janice asked if I was okay, or if she should call 911 (I think there may have been some sarcasm behind this, we have that kind of relationship). I yelled out that I was fine enough not to need an ambulance, thanyouverymuch. And home we went.

If my foot doesn't seem better by tomorrow morning, I am going to my doc to have this checked out, on the company's dime at that. A new unmarked curb? It's a settlement waiting to happen. And I am not a litigious person, anyone who knows me knows this, so I'm just sayin'.

I can't curl my toes all of the way and they tingle. That can't be good.

Oh, and Bear's all better. Yay!



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