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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:53 pm)
I am officially packing now and will be tearing down my computer, so no more shiny-objects (aka flist and SPN porn) to distract me.

See y'all on the other side of my move!!

*waves and air-kisses of good-bye*
I am moving in 4 days. Four.days.

Have I started packing yet?

No. I'm reading SPN porn instead.

Will I start packing tomorrow? It would the logical thing to do....

But, again, no. I'll be going camping instead. And drinking!!! Yay!!!

I did buy boxes and tape though. Does that count for anything?


In other news ....I picked up Bear's ashes today from the vet.

I just finished watching The Fountain a bit ago


I liked it, a lot, just 'huh' right now is all I can formulate about it right now.

That, and conquistador Hugh is h-o-t hot.

If you happen to have a copy of the new August 2007 edition of National Geographic, please to be turning to page 6 and direct your attention to the fourth letter.

See the one from Tiffany Miller in Fairfield, California?

THAT"S ME!!!!!

*points to self*

They included my letter!

OMFG! I am so stoked! Like crazy-mad stoked!

And yes, it is the letter with bad punctuation. My bad.

*hangs head in shame*

But they printed my letter!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a some left-wing, Greenpeace subscribing, hairy-legged conservationalist. But if you are - I stilll ike you!!! I am far, far to the right, when it comes to politics. But my letter is about COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!  Common Sense!

Has Hollywood really run out of original ideas for movies? I fear they have. 

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( Jun. 8th, 2007 09:13 am)

So, here I am at work, killing time between calls reading gen SPN fics. Would love to read the good stuff, ya know, R and NC17, but can't, cuz I want to keep my job and all...*sigh*.I work in call center, and it's nice and quiet today, with decent lapses between the calls. How every Friday shouls be, but is sadly not always.

So, the last call I took, the caller was from Lawrence, Kansas. For real, people, Lawrence, Kansas. A big ol' goofy smile broke out on my face. I wonder if she could "hear" that, and if so, she probably thought I was crazy.

Well. I am, but she doesn't necessarily need to know that.

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( Jun. 3rd, 2007 02:54 pm)
Not that I need any further confirmation of this, cuz I've known for a long while that my thoughts alone, plus some actions, were taking me there. But on days like this, I've got cemented proof.


I'm sitting in church earlier this afternoon, and am I concentrating on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity that Father De la Cruz is giving his homily about? 


Am I reflecting upon how Jesus Christ is my Savior and dies for my sins? 


Am I feeling full of Christian love and kindness? 


Am I thinking about how God awful the girl to my left is singing 


Am I thinking about how the lady to my right must have really tied one on last last night, cuz she stinks like hangover? 


Am I thinking about Wincest? 

Oh God Yes. Yes I am.

I am thinking about porn during Mass.

There is an extra special place in Hell for this, I am sure. For thinking about Sammy maybe going to Seminary, instead of Stanford, and being all virginal and has taken his vow of chastity and is a full fledged man of the cloth when in pops Dean one day, and smutty temptation ensues. 

Yeah. I can already feel the lick of the flames.

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( May. 11th, 2007 09:08 am)
I think this is so cool!

World Sunlight Map

You  must go check it out. 

I check it several times a day. I must have a subconscious fear that the sun may be suddenly extinguished without me realizing it.
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( Apr. 11th, 2007 05:50 am)
Has no one learned yet?

Don't fuck with me before I have had my cup of coffee.

Seriously, people - and it's not even 6 am yet.
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( Mar. 27th, 2007 08:21 pm)

This will be short tonight.

Got my new glasses this afternoon, and the prescription is so much stronger than my old ones, so my eyes are really hurting right now. Hard to see real good.

Though I do like them, they look nice on me. I was worried cause I really couldn't see well when I was picking them out. Whew!!

Off to bed for me to watch American Idol and House.


I really haven’t been keeping up here very well. I always have the good intention to do an update, but then get distracted elsewhere or just can’t put the words down. I’ve been really tired too, so I think that has been a factor too. It’s been, what, like two weeks since I’ve posted? Let’s see what’s been going on……


Weather is finally bee-u-tiful, yet I haven’t really had time to go and ride Ruby at all. I really need to get out there and spend time working with her if I plan on competing at all in the near future. Even if I don’t compete due to lack of money, I still need to ride her. It’s only fair.


Had one of my tattoos touched up and it looks fantastic! I had a “dragon-fly” done on my leg last summer and the black outline in some areas did not heal well, and therefore there were some missing spots. My tattoo guy Zeb came over this past Sunday (he’s mobile) and re-did the entire outline. “Sparky” really pops now. The new outline really makes the colors so much brighter. Call me silly for naming a tattoo, but the name is so fitting. He’s a serpentine dragon with wings (cuz I like dragonflies, but didn’t want a run-of-the-mill dragonfly – hence a dragon with wings), and he’s got the snarkiest little expression on his face. He thinks he’s tough. =)


I’ve really been making progress paying off of my debts. I even got money back from 2 companies that I thought I owed. Turns out those accounts had been settled and they did not update the credit bureaus, so it was still showing up on the credit reports. They promised they would correct the errors. So – light at the end of the tunnel?? Just maybe.


So, that leads to my creep out of the week.


With the aforementioned money back, I decided to get new glasses. The ones I have are about 5 years old and have seen better days. They are pretty trashed, plus I get blinder as I get older. I went yesterday to the eye doctor. I think the new glasses are nice looking.


Think? Yes, I think. Can’t be sure, because I was way too distracted by MY OWN CREEPY ASS EYEBALL!!!. Apparently, my eyes take very well to the damn dilating drops, and I lost muscle control for my left eye. So I’m sitting there, trying on frames when I notice my left eye is crossing – keeps going towards my nose. Just the left eye. I stop and rub my eye, thinking that “this can’t be right”, and there it went – I watched my left eye wander from center towards my nose, all by it’s self. Over and over again.


I had a friend with me and she could see it happening too. It grossed her out as much as it did me. She insisted that I not look at her. I don’t blame her. I couldn’t look at myself either. Gag, it was nasty. She went and got the doctor and he explained why, and assured me it was an often normal effect of the drops and not to be alarmed.


Yeah, right. Don’t be alarmed my ass. My eyeball is moving independently of body and I’m not to be alarmed?!?! ACK!!

By the time I left, eyeball was acting normal again, thank God. The drive home was a bitch though, with the eyes still being dilated and all.

So weird how I can go from being all chatty in the blog world, to not being able to really find the...strength? motivation?.....to even say a few words.

That's where I am at right now. Why? Lord only knows...stress more than likely.

So, I'm off to sunny Fresno for the weekend. Going as the delegate for our district for the CGA board meeting. I've never gone, so I am looking forward to it.

And my BF's kitty Berli is sick - so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, so he gets well soon.

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( Feb. 10th, 2007 12:30 pm)

In celebration of the upcoming Valentine's Day, I have bought myself a pound of the area's best chocolates.  I will dedicatedly work away at them, until there is none left. Not even a crumb.

Why buy it for myself? Cause no one else will, dammit!

I deserve chocolate as much as the next girl. Not my fault I don't have a boyfriend. Or is it................?

The owner of this blog, Tiffosis, will be absent for an undisclosed amount of time. 

Tiffosis will be enjoying her stay at the Shady Acres Home For The Unbalanced and Deranged, while she recovers from the effects of too much rain. It was yet another winter storm that pushed her over the edge, causing her to steal every unbrella during Mass Sunday afternoon, dumping them into the baptismal, igniting them with the Holy Oil and chanting 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head'.

We hope some time spent under a solar lamp will cure her psychotic break and bring her back to us soon.

- Management


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