I don't know who's job it is exactly here, but I know it belongs to someone, and he should be hanged, drawn and quartered, because THERE IS NO FUCKING COFFEE ON THIS ENTIRE FLOOR!!!!!!! 

None. I looked in both breakrooms and there are only baggies of that decaf crap. This is sacreligous, blasphemous and JUST WRONG! It's 6 in the morning and I am so sleepy and sluggish (thank you medication for my leg for this side effect) and I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!

An office coup will begin shortly, I am sure.

EDIT: this from management: "looks like we are out. I'll have Facilities contact Canteen to get us some. Not sure how that happened."


EDIT 2: 7:30am -  Ahhhh........ *pets coffee cup filled with sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods*

Did I mention that I was LOCKED IN A BATHROOM STALL! yesterday morning?

I kid you not. It happened at work. The latch for the door broke and I couldn't get out. There was no one else in there for like five minutes. My main concern was not that I was stuck next to a toilet, but my phone time (I work in a call center, and get measured on time spent blocked from calls). There was no way I could crawl under the door either.

Someone finally came in, and then I was all embrassed and almost afraid to ask for help. Cause I'm weird that way. Someday, I fear I may be in some life or death situation, and I'll be to afarid to ask for help, because I'm embrassed about it. 

So yeah, I waited until she finished her business and  I was all "Um, Hi - this is Tiffany.......this door broke, and I'm stuck. Can you see if this door has anyway of opening from the outside?". She probably heard, "Hi, I'm Iame and I've locked myself in and I'm too pathetic to get myself out.".

She came over, laughing (cause it is funny) and she messed with the handle and it finally came apart and fell out, and I was able to get out.  I promptly ran to freedom, gave the broken latch to the building manager and then chastised my co-workers for not missing my absence and sending a search party.

And let's not forget that everything in this bathroom is new, it was just remodeled about 2-3 months ago. That's quality workmanship, I tell you.

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( Aug. 6th, 2007 08:39 pm)
Alrighty....Hi all!!!

*tiredly waves*

If you can consider having everything physically in the apartment, then I am officially moved. If you consider having everything unpacked and in order....then. no, I am not "moved" yet.

I am living amongst boxes. I hate the boxes.

*gives boxes evil eye*

Still need to unpack a shitload of kitchen stuff, all of the photos and decor stuff and about a 1/3 of my bedroom things and beauty products (for lack of thinking of something better to call all of that stuff).

Frannie seems to setlled nicely, but still need to come up with a solution of how she can relieve herself while I am away at work all day. Have computer set up, obviously....but too damn tired to catch up on flist and SPN love. I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

What I love so far about new place:

How cool the weather is here. I don't think it's gone past 80 degrees yet. God Bless the marine layer!
Brand new applicances.
The large size of my bedroom.
New roommate!!!!   =)

What I am so not liking:

The inability to have a steaming hot shower (and I like it 'turn your skin red' hot) and water pressure at the same time. ARGH!!!!
Lack of suffieicent cupboard space.
Lack of parking. (Not so much a problem for me as I get home from work at 3 pm....but I can see that if I get home later or go out, I'll be parking on the street.)
That the cable company put in a bad cable box and I cannot watch TV yet.

I'm sure there's more iIcan add to both lists, but I am tired and really don't want to keep typing right now. Or sit up for that matter.....

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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:53 pm)
I am officially packing now and will be tearing down my computer, so no more shiny-objects (aka flist and SPN porn) to distract me.

See y'all on the other side of my move!!

*waves and air-kisses of good-bye*
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( Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:36 pm)
I'm home from my one night camping trip. Wish I could've stayed down there longer, but there were too many reasons I could not. A big one being that I have to work tomorrow. 

Boo-hiss work!

Another being that I really need to pack. Which I am very much not inclined to do at all tonight. It took me almost 3 hours to get home, and I'm tired and cranky about it.

Think I'll just go for an all night packing marathon tomorrow night. It'll be great fun!! I might even get some party hats to make the occasion more festive.

Took Frannie camping with me and she is a great camping dog. I was able to let her off leash and she didn't wander away, and in fact, she made her goal to make sure everyone had a good lap for cuddling. She isn't a yappy camper either, so nothing bothered her enough to make her growl or bark and be annoying to others. And when I went to watch my friends compete (it's big week long horse competition that I used to partiicipate in, in which everyone tent or RV camps), I brought her kennel as I watched from behind the track, not the grandstand, and didn't want her running around amongst the horses, and she curled right up and slept.

I heart Frannie. =)

I think I'll go stare at some boxes and see if I can motivate them to pack themselves....


Howdy all.

I've been quiet and haven't said too much since Monday, but I am managing to deal with Bear's passing, and getting better each day. Not to say there still isn't a huge gaping hole in my heart, but I'm dealing.

So, after I got back from the vet on Monday morning, I took a Xanax, as I was more than a bit traumatized. I tried to lay down and sleep, but was restless and kept getting up and pacing around. And looking at all of Bear's stuff, like his dog dishes and toys.

Jullie, my roomate came home early from work after she found out, and offered to take me to see OoTP if I wanted to, as a distraction. I took her up on the offer, as I couldn't sleep and it was probably a good idea for me to get away. She also picked up all of Bear's things, saying I wasn't to sit around staring at them. Which I had been. I did keep his favorite littlle vaguely bear shaped stuffed toy though, and I have been sleeping with it all week. It maked me feel a bit better at night to hang on to that.

Anyways, we headed to the mall and had lunch at Red Robin first, and I had a pineapple mojito. I've never had a mojito and it was yummy. It paired especially well with the Xanax I had taken, and the vicodin I had just taken for the start of a headache (overkill? Maybe.). So, by the time we sat down to the movie, I was feeling nicely numb and not all there. Which is why I will need to see OoTP again.

After that, we went shopping. Got new bras and tops. Shopping is good therapy. And when I got home, there were beautiful flowers that Leah, aka [profile] ataxia71, had sent to me. A potted mum of the most deepest, rich burgandy color. 

And thank you to all of you for your kind words and thoughts. I really appreciate it.


I still miss Bear terribly, but like I said, each day is getting better. My mind is still reeling I think, as I don't feel I am articulating well here and I'm kinda going all over the place here. I wrote an emo poem last night too. I'll post it seperately. It was prompted about how torn I feel abut getting a new dog, which I am. I get her tomorrow. I can't stand not having a furry little being by my side, and I am very lonely at night, and the quietness of that kills me too. Jullie let her little min pin Latte into my room Tuesday morning, and we snuggled, and it felt good.

So, I am bringing Frannie home tomorrow. She's freaking adorable and I would be a fool to pass her up while I waffle about the matter. Her foster mommy had brought her over last Saturday night for me and Bear to meet. I just didn't know at the time that Bear would be gone so soon. Maybe it's fate that she didn't go to another home.

I went shopping for Frannie last night, to buy her pretty new things, and a step, so she could get onto my bed, being how wee she is.

Oh yeah, will be getting Deathy Hallows tommorow after I get Frannie. Can't say I'm going to be able to read it right away, with having to acclimate Frannie into her new home, but at least I will have it in my hot little hands. And I'm so glad that I've been able to remain spoiler free so far. Yay!!

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( Jul. 12th, 2007 11:04 am)
Bear had diarrhea at some point last night, and I did not wake up in order to let him outside, and poor guy had to let it go in my room. 

Bad mommy I be.

I discovered this at about 4:40 am, in which I was already waking up late by about half an hour. At that point, there was no way I could clean it all up (it was a BIG mess), get ready for work, make Bear's breakfast amd lunch and make it to work on time. So I called in.

Plus, I think I really do have a bladder infection now. I must have jinxed myself yesterday. In addition to having to dribble a bit of pee every half hour when it feels like I really-gotta-go, I have a wonderful stabby pain the the general area of where my bladder is.

Wonderful, I say. Just freaking wonderful.

It's Monday and I am exhausted.

Started the dog-sitting gig on Friday night and took Bear with me, as I don't want to be away from him. It was a bad idea. The 2 dogs I am watching are Lily, a 3 year old Weimaraner, and Lola, an American Bulldog puppy. For the life of me, I cannot remember exactly how old she is, not a year yet, so maybe 6-8, maybe 9 months old. She is like, gigantor puppy. She is huge and rambunctious as hell.

She thinks Bear is a toy, and is all over him like flies and a fresh pile of shit. She's not agressive by any means, and she means well. She just wants to play, but being gigantor like she is, she plays rough. Bear tries to get away from her, and she corners him. He can't take that right now. He tried to play with her when we got there, but he tired out really fast, and I have to keep him separated from them. Lola just won't leave him be, and it was stressing him out, and that in turn, stressed me the hell out too.

Then heat became a factor. My friend Martha's house as no A/C. AT ALL. Not even a window unit. And it was hot this weekend. The temp in the house got up to like 90 degrees yesterday. It was hot when I got there Friday, so Bear was hot all night. Pugs don’t do heat well, being they lack in the snout department, so I brought like every fan I could find and surrounded the bed both Friday and Saturday night. Although Saturday was cooler, as there was a breeze, but yesterday it got way too hot again.

So, the heat coupled with Lola not leaving Bear alone, I decided not to be selfish and keep Bear with me, and took him back home to have my roommate watch him. We have central A/C there, and he can sleep in peace in his own bed.

I, on the other hand, did not sleep in peace, as I had no Bear by my side, and the fact that is was like a million degrees in Martha's house and I was too hot to be comfortable. Even Lola was so hot that she tossed and turned. Do you know how annoying it is to try to sleep with a gigantor puppy tossing & turning all night?

I slept maybe all of 2 hours.

And I'd like to thank the lovely delta breeze for waiting to show up with some relief until 4 am, when I had to get up and leave for work. Nice.

So, in order to survive being hot and stressed out by the dogs over the weekend, I started watching season 1 of Supernatural again, and have began compiling a rating matrix of Sam's hair.

I know, Nobel prize material right there. But I feel need to do this.

I am rating his hair in each episode. Call it a means to distract the hell out of myself and reality. Depression - it's a wonderful thing.

In other news, they have finally finished the remodeling of the bathrooms on our floor at work. So no more having to race down to the second floor and back whenever I gotta go. I have set a goal to christen every new toilet in there with my ass, by week's end. And with as mush tea as I drink, I should accomplish this feat fairly quickly.

That's it for today. Bear & and I will see the oncologist tomorrow, so will know more about his condition and outcome at that time.


I dragged my ass into work yesterday, even though my ankle was killing me and there had been a vicodin or two ingested. I didn't make it that long, cause the pain was too much for me. Before I digress into that.....

Three other people fell from the Cliff of Doom Thursday. I was not the only one. Though I was the only one unfortunate enough to get injured. Accomodations have been made, and the Cliff of Doom has been blocked by varoius newspaper racks and a garbage can, so no one else can plummet to their deaths.

So I left work about 10 am and headed to my doctor to have him take a look. In addition to the ankle, my right knee hurts too. Mt doctor's office was cool, cause the totally fit me in, in fact, they were "whatever time you can get her before noon, we'll see you." So doc looked at ankle and knee, and declared the knee fine (but it's bruised todaym and still hurts a lot, so we'll have to see) and he said ankel is definitely sorained and he wanted to do x-rays to rule out any fractures.

Here's where the fun began....

Went to xray office next door, and they wouldn't take the xrays unless I PAID FOR THEM. OUT OF POCKET. Yeah. I was pissed off. Really pissed off. So I cried. Cuz that's what I do when I'm really pissed off. Fear me.

They said they couldn't bill it to my insuranace, Blue Cross, becasue it was work related. And they said they couldn't bill it to worker's comp, becasue the claim isn't set up yet. I sure as hell don;t have enough money to fork over for these xrays. So I didn't have them done.

Doc put me in an Aircast (can we say sexy?) and gave me ibuprofen and vicodin. I love him for that alone.

*pets bottle of happiness*

I'll get the xray thing straightened out on Monday.

In the meantine, I'm just irritable. I hurt, have a headache, broke, I can't talk any walks for exercise, and the catering company called and wanted me to work a wedding reception tomorrow, which I can't. Stupid Cliff of Doom. And I sooo need that money right now too.

In other news, I think I'm going to move to Alameda. It's a cool little place, and my BFF,

[profile] ataxia71 ,lives there, but her apartment just upped her rent and she can't afford to stay at her place, so we're going to find a place together. It'll be fun.   [profile] curiouseb lives out there too. Maybe we can start a commune.


Dear New Curb at Work,

Thank you for coming into existence, and for doing so without any warnings. Say, like some nice yellow paint, or a railing, or some such nonsense. Because of your kindness, I fell right off of you. Right.Off. So now I sit here, in pain, with my foot swelling and my toes tingling.

I hate you, curb.

I hope you chip away quickly, or become discolored.


On the plus side (because I need one right now) this IS NOT A HORSE RELATED INJURY. Amazing, I know. My left ankle and the top of my foot hurt, plus both of my knees. I went down hard. The swelling seems to be on the top of my foot, and I fear one the foot bones may be broken. Thought it was going to be my ankle that was the real injury, I don't really know now.

What happened? They have been renovating the building I work in. For the past two months or so, they have had the 1st floor entrance closed while they worked on that, and we all had to enter via the 2nd floor entrance (we are on a hill, so front of building is higher). So, they finished that, and yesterday they closed the 2nd floor, and we are all back to going in through the 1st floor. 

Well, apparently, when they rebuilt handicap access, they installed a SECOND CURB (!!!) before the normal curb that goes down to the parking lot. I don't know the why behind this. So, my carpool friend and I are leaving the office, and BAM, down I go off of the new unannounced, unadorned curb. Louise immediately called our boss, Janice, to tell her; cause one, it happened on the property, and two, I am sure I am not going to be the only one to go walking off the new cliff of doom. They really need to mark this new curb.

Janice asked if I was okay, or if she should call 911 (I think there may have been some sarcasm behind this, we have that kind of relationship). I yelled out that I was fine enough not to need an ambulance, thanyouverymuch. And home we went.

If my foot doesn't seem better by tomorrow morning, I am going to my doc to have this checked out, on the company's dime at that. A new unmarked curb? It's a settlement waiting to happen. And I am not a litigious person, anyone who knows me knows this, so I'm just sayin'.

I can't curl my toes all of the way and they tingle. That can't be good.

Oh, and Bear's all better. Yay!

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( May. 29th, 2007 07:38 am)

I really haven’t been keeping up here very well. I always have the good intention to do an update, but then get distracted elsewhere or just can’t put the words down. I’ve been really tired too, so I think that has been a factor too. It’s been, what, like two weeks since I’ve posted? Let’s see what’s been going on……


Weather is finally bee-u-tiful, yet I haven’t really had time to go and ride Ruby at all. I really need to get out there and spend time working with her if I plan on competing at all in the near future. Even if I don’t compete due to lack of money, I still need to ride her. It’s only fair.


Had one of my tattoos touched up and it looks fantastic! I had a “dragon-fly” done on my leg last summer and the black outline in some areas did not heal well, and therefore there were some missing spots. My tattoo guy Zeb came over this past Sunday (he’s mobile) and re-did the entire outline. “Sparky” really pops now. The new outline really makes the colors so much brighter. Call me silly for naming a tattoo, but the name is so fitting. He’s a serpentine dragon with wings (cuz I like dragonflies, but didn’t want a run-of-the-mill dragonfly – hence a dragon with wings), and he’s got the snarkiest little expression on his face. He thinks he’s tough. =)


I’ve really been making progress paying off of my debts. I even got money back from 2 companies that I thought I owed. Turns out those accounts had been settled and they did not update the credit bureaus, so it was still showing up on the credit reports. They promised they would correct the errors. So – light at the end of the tunnel?? Just maybe.


So, that leads to my creep out of the week.


With the aforementioned money back, I decided to get new glasses. The ones I have are about 5 years old and have seen better days. They are pretty trashed, plus I get blinder as I get older. I went yesterday to the eye doctor. I think the new glasses are nice looking.


Think? Yes, I think. Can’t be sure, because I was way too distracted by MY OWN CREEPY ASS EYEBALL!!!. Apparently, my eyes take very well to the damn dilating drops, and I lost muscle control for my left eye. So I’m sitting there, trying on frames when I notice my left eye is crossing – keeps going towards my nose. Just the left eye. I stop and rub my eye, thinking that “this can’t be right”, and there it went – I watched my left eye wander from center towards my nose, all by it’s self. Over and over again.


I had a friend with me and she could see it happening too. It grossed her out as much as it did me. She insisted that I not look at her. I don’t blame her. I couldn’t look at myself either. Gag, it was nasty. She went and got the doctor and he explained why, and assured me it was an often normal effect of the drops and not to be alarmed.


Yeah, right. Don’t be alarmed my ass. My eyeball is moving independently of body and I’m not to be alarmed?!?! ACK!!

By the time I left, eyeball was acting normal again, thank God. The drive home was a bitch though, with the eyes still being dilated and all.
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 09:20 pm)

Okay, it's been about 1/2 an hour, my heart's finally stopped pounding, but I am still queasy as hell.

News says it was a 4.2, but it sure felt bigger. Not 1989/6.9 big, but big enough to freak me out.

One would think, that living for 2 years in Japan, 34 in the San Francisco Bay Area, living through the aforementioned 6.9 Loma Prieta (plus several other significant shakers) - that logically, one would not be bothered by earthquakes.

You think wrong. They terrify the living daylight out of me.

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( Mar. 1st, 2007 08:41 pm)
Oh Holy Mother of God we just had an earthquake. 

I am so not in a happy place right now.

I'm gonna go barf and find a doorway to camp out in for the rest of the night.

Yeah. I think I may have seriously injured myself. It has been 2 days since I had a wreck and I seem to be getting worse, not better.

As promised, here is the rest of the story.



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