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( Dec. 5th, 2008 04:09 pm)

i has a shiny new repo! soundtrack

thank you [ profile] buffyaddict13 !!!!
you are more awesome than i can find words for.

aaaand, you'll have to wait for your christmas package to get the copy i'd bought you already. =D

zydrate xenocorinate


oh hai!! do y'all think that just maybe this is taking me over?

edit: there's a site for GeneCo too.  sweet!!!

GraveRobber (Terrance Zdunich) omgawd!

Pavi Largo (Ogre) & Repo Man(Anthony Stewart Head) - 2fer1 for [info]cycatryx and [info]buffyaddict13 with this one

Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman)

i want to see this movie so, so, so badly. i spent a good portion of yesterday watching the trailer over and over and over, watching the clips and features, checking every nook and crannie of the website and scouring the internetz to learn more about this wonderful, cracktastic film. including the fact that it is only playing in 2 bay area theaters; in the city and in berzerkely. *makes plans*

and it just boggles me that sarah brightman and paris hilton are in this together. O_o

i also have a bit of a crush on graverobber.
*wants him to place his zydrate gun against my anatomy*

so what are you waiting for?! clicky the banner and check it out!

i have [ profile] cycatryx to thank for making this movie the object of my current obsession


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