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( Aug. 2nd, 2007 10:01 pm)
Fuck you, local greater Bay Area CW station, for not rerunning Supernatural tonight. 

You were to have shown "Roadkill" tonight, one of the handful of season 2 episodes I did not see.

Instead, you are airing a Giants game. Like I give a rat's ass about Barry Bonds inflated fucking ego.

Thank you, you asshats.

This anger has spurred me to pack a box. One box! Go Tiff!

A must see!!


One, because Jensen is just TOO CUTE for words!!

Two, cuz Kripke says, and I quote, ".....Jensen pays attention to Tom's (Welling) arms..." (OMG!!!!)

Three, that Edlund guy is just  a trip to watch. I think he frightens me a little.

I command you to click here now! Please?

If y'all haven't seen this, I highly urge you do so now. Right now. 

Picspam: Images That Make Me Pregnant by [personal profile] annella
Have you ever looked at a photo of an extremely hot guy and suddenly realised that the awesome hotness and incredible smouldering masculinity of the guy has reached through the internets and IMPREGNATED you?

PicSpam so hawt it'll melt your panties. So have have a backup pair at the ready, cuz you'll be needing them.
The ever-so-lovely and always charming  [profile] memphis86 has created the long awaited and much demanded Supernatural food!porn community. *cheering & confenetti*

[profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn[profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn

I am happily, if not ecstatically even, pimping this wonderful event, and will with no further haste post my to food!porn SPN fics there right away and will soon post the sequel to Blue Plate Special.

[profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn [profile] spn_foodporn
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 09:13 am)

So, here I am at work, killing time between calls reading gen SPN fics. Would love to read the good stuff, ya know, R and NC17, but can't, cuz I want to keep my job and all...*sigh*.I work in call center, and it's nice and quiet today, with decent lapses between the calls. How every Friday shouls be, but is sadly not always.

So, the last call I took, the caller was from Lawrence, Kansas. For real, people, Lawrence, Kansas. A big ol' goofy smile broke out on my face. I wonder if she could "hear" that, and if so, she probably thought I was crazy.

Well. I am, but she doesn't necessarily need to know that.

Title: Blue Plate Special
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: 705
Warning: food!porn, Wincest

Summary: What do you get when cross a hungry Sammy with a horny Dean? Food!porn!!!

A/N: I seem to be stuck on the food porn. The other smut bunnies that plague my brain are yelling "Bitch! Finish us!". What can I say? I know, 
[info]memphis86 made me do it,as she demanded more food porn.



1. I want season 2 to be released NOW. September is too long to wait.

2. I can't stand Sam's hair like this. Exhibit A This is how an evil!Sam would wear his hair. I think it's all that forehead that bugs me.

It's too reminiscent of of this 'do; Exhibit B, which I can't stand the look of. Sorry Jared.....too preppy.

3. You know how you suddenly remember that you have something? I had one of those moments.

I own an antique Winchester shotgun. FuckYeah!!!!

I own a Winchester!

I wish…. *pouts* (I'd play nice with them, I swear!)

Anyways, it once belonged to my grandfather. It's like about 100 years old. I should have it cleaned and appraised, but I never get around to it, so it just hangs out in the gun locker, 
unused and under appreciated.

Think that covers it for now. Seacrest out.

Title: Cherries
Author: tiffosis
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: 228
Warning: Food smut
Summary: There is no time better than summer to find fresh fruit when you're out on the road
A/N: I have to unfortunately report, that yes, cherries were harmed in the writing of this story. It was for the greater good. And I was hungry.

Yes, I am going to pimp my own fic here. Hee hee.

For years I have been reading all of the slashy goodness here at LJ (mmm....boy/boy loving at it's best!), and was inspired to writing my own stuff (Snarry!).  But never posting any of it, as never being brave enough to share it.

So yesterday, my Muse showed up at work, and made me start writing this story that had crept into my head after watching the season finale of Supernatural on Thursday night. I barely did any of the work I am paid to do, being so driven by this. I rushed home, and kept on writing, finally finishing around 10 pm, and then decided to jump into the deep end, and cross posted this like crazy. And I've been getting good feedback too. And damn if that doesn't feel good.  :)

Fake cut to my fic, Come Back To Me.

I know, I know. It's not HP. And I do apologize to my fandom.  But please read! It's got slashy goodness, angst, and more!



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