Title: Blue Plate Special
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: 705
Warning: food!porn, Wincest

Summary: What do you get when cross a hungry Sammy with a horny Dean? Food!porn!!!

A/N: I seem to be stuck on the food porn. The other smut bunnies that plague my brain are yelling "Bitch! Finish us!". What can I say? I know, 
[info]memphis86 made me do it,as she demanded more food porn.



tiffosis: (winchesters - not just rifles)
( Jun. 3rd, 2007 02:54 pm)
Not that I need any further confirmation of this, cuz I've known for a long while that my thoughts alone, plus some actions, were taking me there. But on days like this, I've got cemented proof.


I'm sitting in church earlier this afternoon, and am I concentrating on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity that Father De la Cruz is giving his homily about? 


Am I reflecting upon how Jesus Christ is my Savior and dies for my sins? 


Am I feeling full of Christian love and kindness? 


Am I thinking about how God awful the girl to my left is singing 


Am I thinking about how the lady to my right must have really tied one on last last night, cuz she stinks like hangover? 


Am I thinking about Wincest? 

Oh God Yes. Yes I am.

I am thinking about porn during Mass.

There is an extra special place in Hell for this, I am sure. For thinking about Sammy maybe going to Seminary, instead of Stanford, and being all virginal and has taken his vow of chastity and is a full fledged man of the cloth when in pops Dean one day, and smutty temptation ensues. 

Yeah. I can already feel the lick of the flames.



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