this is einstein, my lil' roborovski dwarf hamster that i recently got.
roborovski's are the smallest and fastest of all hamsters.

making a break for it.......

run einstein, run! told you they were fast!


frannie on cat patrol.

wisteria in bloom


view of side garden

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Frannie remains ADORABLE OMG. I want to eat her!!!

I wish our wisteria hadn't died.

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it's the main reason i bought him, the cute factor. it's not like i can play with him or cuddle him. he's a 'watching' kind of hamster, lol.

i was late to work today cuz of frannie's epic level of adorable!

did one of the hurricanes kill the wisteria?

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that ittybitty hamster is the cutest thing i have EVER seen! *smishes gently, so as not to crush tiny bones*

the wysteria looks beautiful, dear. *breathes in deep* ahhhh...

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i know! i couldn't resist buying him! so cute! and, i figure, if the novelty wears off, i can give him to my niece, and what an awesome auntly gift that would be, with the added bonus of annoying the hell out of my sister.

*is evil*

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omg, einstein is so cute! *beams*

and your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!

you take wonderful pics babe. thank you for sharing!



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