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( May. 3rd, 2009 03:23 pm)
yeah, i have no idea how to fix this, and get rid of the centering on my posts.

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( May. 2nd, 2009 06:26 pm)
well. here i am.

*is here*
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( May. 2nd, 2009 01:23 pm)
here i be, sitting in the garage, selling other people's stuff for dog rescue.

looks like it's slowing down, so will start to clean up soon, and then......



i'm rooting for papa clem. he's my choice. =)

die, uterus. DIE.

also, looks like there's a possible case in swine flu in Vacaville. that'd be in the town NEXT to where i live.  and 2 cases here in Marin county, in San Rafael. i work in San Rafael. ducky, i say. just ducky.

if my period does not start soon, i am liable to kill someone.

i am a walking ball of hormones and it is not pretty. nothing tastes good right now. i can't stand being clothed. i am crying/raging over stupid things like not wanting to eat the lean pocket i brought for lunch, or, or....i don't even know, everything!!!!

please tell me/show me something funny, or cute.
or why i need to shut the hell up cuz it could be worse.

in the meantime, to make matters even more fun, i have to clean my desk, as they are installing dual monitors for me this afternoon. i do not like changes like this. i think it is dumb. i like my lack of productivity just fine, thank you very much. have they seen all the stuff i have? they probably have, which is why they sent out a memo that read thusly:

1. Clear off a space 1 foot wide around your computer.
2. Remove everything on your monitor.

Clear off everything around your computer:

* sticky notes
* reference materials
* note trays
* telephones
* photos
* phone lists
* food
* kewpie dolls
* pencil holders
* kleenex boxes
* speakers
* headsets
* artwork
* stuff
* soda cans
* water bottles
* coffee cups
* unicorns
* action figures
* books
* staplers
* trash
* turtles
* fruit
* fish
* other stuff
* hand lotion
* cleaning supplies
* tape dispensers
* drawings
* star charts
* magazines

i like whoever wrote this memo. they obviously have a sense of humor. they also must have used my desk a point of reference, as i have STUFF, OTHER STUFF, and  ACTION FIGURES GALORE here.
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this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

*wipes at tears*
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( Apr. 26th, 2009 04:36 pm)

my weekend, let me cliff note it for you.

* the animal communication class was AMAZING. there is so much i am still processing about it, and i have yet to be able to verbalize in a coherent fashion. i'll share soon.

* the charity event in which miguel was to perform in today was canceled, so we went out last night.

* said night out with miguel and his husband michael was cut down it's prime. miguel lost his wallet between leaving his house and us arriving in the castro, so we finished our round of drinks and headed back to his place to search. it has yet to be found. highlights of the brief time spent in the city included:
- discovering that the castro district is beautiful, full of life and people in love and is so quiet and peaceful, that it didn't seem like we were in SF at all.

- a bar called The Mix was lovely, and wish we could have spent more time there, and at the other bars miguel had planned for us to visit.

- walking hand in hand with miguel and michael down aforementioned streets was happy, happy moments.

- boys showing off and posing for my camera:

naughty boys!!!!!

* sitting down now to catch my breath. whew!!!!

how was everyone elses's weekends?

episode reaction )

forgot to mention....tomorrow night i am taking a course on animal communication. see if i can tune into my intuitive side and "talk" to the beasties.

the course is taught by mary argo, the animal communicator that i've used to communicate with frannie and bear. i am so excited to meet mary. she helped me so, so much when bear was dying, and for that i feel so much gratitude and i can't wait to thank her in person for all she's done.
miguel, my dear tranny co-worker, and i started our the day with this IM convo...


click for sex talk & misuse of tape )

Miguel  Where were you yesterday sister


Me!!! head.ache


Miguel  RIGHT

Miguel  I understand


Me!!! lol


Miguel YOu know what they say cures a headache


Me!!! sex?


Miguel  PILLS

Miguel  SICKO

Miguel  LOL


Me!!! that too


Miguel  ok it was Sex

Miguel  you got me


Me!!! see?


Miguel  They told me it cures Migraines

Miguel  THEY LIE


Me!!! lol


Miguel  I TRIED

Miguel  the last 3 days

Miguel  all i got was tired and a bigger headache


Me!!! then someone's doing it wrong


Miguel I do all the work

Miguel  he just lays there

Miguel  UGH


Me!!! lol

Miguel  AT least smile at me


Me!!! so, you lay there and make him do the work. make him use those leg muscles!!


Miguel  PLEASE

Miguel  that lazy bastard

Miguel  LOL

Miguel  We have tried he wines

Miguel  UGH my legs hurt


Me!!! those damned lazy bottoms!


Miguel  We hate em all

Miguel  phuwee

later, our conversation steered towards his wish to develope a cable channel catering to trannies and gays alike. i suggested there be a show called "how to tape it down".

he then sent me this email:

With your Host
Tuesday Nights at 8pm PST on Bravo

which led to this....

Miguel  What will you wear on your fist show


Miguel  First I meant First

Miguel  LOL


Miguel  BUt a fisting show might work too

Me!!! YES

Miguel  Put up your Dukes with your host Tiffany Miller


Miguel  I think its awsome. Lets pitch the idea to networks

Miguel  Maybe LIFETIME for women

Me!!! Bravo

Miguel  Telemundo

Me!!! can be on after Project Runway

Miguel  LOL

Miguel  We can sindicate it in spanish

Me!!! don't want to exclude the latino gays

Miguel  Of course not

Miguel  OMG imagine the possibilities



 clearly, we crack our shit up and should be seperated.


and see that adorkable doggie lunch box to the left? i've had it for about for 10 years, and use it everyday. i will cry buckets of bloody tears the day it breaks down/goes missing/gets lost. IT HAS GOOGLY EYES! AND FLAPPY EARS!!!!

so, this sunday i'm headed into SF to see my friend/co-worker miguel perform in full drag for a charity event. i'm quite excited that miguel is waxing. my gay work husband kirk will be there, and i've invited [personal profile] rivers_bend to join us. gay boys, drag queens, and fangirls......what more could a girl want in an afternoon?

yesterday i was discussing with kirk my getting there, and was telling him i'd be taking the train in, as driving in the city makes for a twitchy tiffosis, and the conversation ran along this line:

me: i'm taking BART. the 16th st/misison station isn't too far a walk.
kirk: why don't you take muni?
me: 'cause muni's full of crazies.
kirk: you do realize that all the crazies live around 16th/mission.
me: yeah, but i can outrun the crazies better than i can fend them off in hand-to-hand combat on moving tin can.
kirk: okay, freak.

i don't like buses, and i like muni buses even less. the first and only time a rode one back in the late 80's, the driver thought he was a dare-devil and there was a guy that was high and freaking out, as well as some other people that frankly scared the bejesus out of me. and it was flithy. granted, i think muni has improved itself, but couple that experience with the disaster of me getting on a completely wrong bus in seattle a few years ago (and not realizing it till i was well on my way somewhere else. alone. at night.), i prefer to walk or take a cab when in the city.
you know what the real sign of true spring/impending summer is?


i was out in the backyard when i heard that those magical tones. into the house i ran to grab the wallet and then out the front door to eagerly await him. it was just me too, nary a child to be seen.


that, and it was so warm today, i turned the a/c on while i was cleaning.

p.s. - it's still fascinating to watch 20 year old charlie manson interviews. that man is buckets of crazy, yet entertaining none the less.
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( Apr. 17th, 2009 10:18 pm)
spent the afternoon at the ER with j, with a brief sojourn home to fed the dogs and myself, and to sit a bit without being surrounded by sick. she was there for about 5 hours.

j picked herself up a nice strain of a stomache virus that's seems to be making it's way around the bay. the nurse at the ER said they'd seen 18 people with before her today.

her aunt was sick last weekend, and j and i went over to her her house on sunday and picked up some of the easter dinner she had made, as since j's parents had been in the accident, we took it back to their house to eat. anyways, she probably got it from her aunt, and I HOPE TO GOD I DO NOT GET THIS TOO. I WILL NOT BE HAPPY.

when i went back to the hospital to get j, and the nurse was explaining it was flu-like virus, i boasted i'd had my flu shot and would therefore be safe, she quickly popped that balloon when she said it wasn't the same virus that the shots protect. GREAT.

also, when i was sitting out in the waiting room at one point, there was a lull and it was pretty empty, and this girl came in that was holding her stomach and making frequent bathrooms runs, and after like her sevententh trip to the bathroom, she came out and SAT DOWN RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! there were like 2 other people in there and plenty of empty chairs. WTF LADY?!

please to be sending me immune system vibes. i need them please.

*rubs antibaterial gel all over body*

and to what do i owe this pleasant change of perspective to? or better yet, to whom?

his name is louis amundson, forward for the phoenix suns.

where to began with the many reasons i have fallen for this dashing athelete? well......

* he's TALL. and i love me some tall man. 6'9"!!
* he rides his bike to work everyday.
* he likes to take sweet jumps on said bike.
* HE QUOTES FROM MY MOST FAV MOVIE EVAH, napoleon dynamite!!!! see above =)
* has a ponytail.
* shaq hides his bike everyday. hee!!

if you didn't already click on the sweet jumps link above, DO EEEET NOW!!
lou is funny, and laid-back. i really like him. a lot.


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( Apr. 15th, 2009 08:27 am)
[Poll #1384103][Poll #1384103] edit: alright. i get it. I AM THE ONLY FREAK IN THE WORLD THAT PUTS PAPERCLIPS ON THE SIDE. I AM THE BANE OF ALL OFFICE CLERKS IN THE WORLD. that's me. tiffany ann, bucking the trend since 1971. *snaps*
did anyone else watch Harper's Island last week?


i found it a bit cheesy, but enjoyable.
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 08:02 pm)

happy easter you guys! here's the frannie bunny to bring you love!

sorry for the lateness, j's parent's were in auto accident early  this morning, and we've been with them all day. they are both alright - bruised ribs, soft tissue injuries, abrasions from the glass, but nothing seroius, thank god, but their car was totaled and there was a fatality in the car that hit them. makes one really, extra thankful for the gift that Christ gave us today.

here's somne more pics of frannie in her easter outfit for your enjoyment. hope you all had a lovely day. =)

edit: just found an article about the accident.



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