and to what do i owe this pleasant change of perspective to? or better yet, to whom?

his name is louis amundson, forward for the phoenix suns.

where to began with the many reasons i have fallen for this dashing athelete? well......

* he's TALL. and i love me some tall man. 6'9"!!
* he rides his bike to work everyday.
* he likes to take sweet jumps on said bike.
* HE QUOTES FROM MY MOST FAV MOVIE EVAH, napoleon dynamite!!!! see above =)
* has a ponytail.
* shaq hides his bike everyday. hee!!

if you didn't already click on the sweet jumps link above, DO EEEET NOW!!
lou is funny, and laid-back. i really like him. a lot.


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awww, he is cute. i approve of celebrity crushes.

cyx said you guys are watching harper's island or whatever that kill people at a wedding show is. is it actually any good? oh wait, i remember you posted about it. so you must like it, huh?

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speaking of celebrity crushes, i want to write to tori spelling. i know i've been saying that forever, but think i am ready. and, i have finished her book, and it cements my love for her. coach me, oh wise one.

yes, harper's island is good, so far. there's a new ep on tonight, i believe. it's got bobby, so it can't be bad, right?

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when you msg her, tell her how much you enjoyed her book and you find her inspirational. ask if you can send her your book for her to autograph, would she consider that if you sent return postage?

that's just one idea. and maybe you don't care if the book is autographed, but it's up to you. that way, you'll get an address to send future things.

good luck!
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Aww, how cute! More pretty boys=good stuff. And basketball is awesome. Especially when pretty boys playz it. Yes, precious.


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