spent the afternoon at the ER with j, with a brief sojourn home to fed the dogs and myself, and to sit a bit without being surrounded by sick. she was there for about 5 hours.

j picked herself up a nice strain of a stomache virus that's seems to be making it's way around the bay. the nurse at the ER said they'd seen 18 people with before her today.

her aunt was sick last weekend, and j and i went over to her her house on sunday and picked up some of the easter dinner she had made, as since j's parents had been in the accident, we took it back to their house to eat. anyways, she probably got it from her aunt, and I HOPE TO GOD I DO NOT GET THIS TOO. I WILL NOT BE HAPPY.

when i went back to the hospital to get j, and the nurse was explaining it was flu-like virus, i boasted i'd had my flu shot and would therefore be safe, she quickly popped that balloon when she said it wasn't the same virus that the shots protect. GREAT.

also, when i was sitting out in the waiting room at one point, there was a lull and it was pretty empty, and this girl came in that was holding her stomach and making frequent bathrooms runs, and after like her sevententh trip to the bathroom, she came out and SAT DOWN RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! there were like 2 other people in there and plenty of empty chairs. WTF LADY?!

please to be sending me immune system vibes. i need them please.

*rubs antibaterial gel all over body*

From: [identity profile] cycatryx.livejournal.com

*sends you super-strength immunity vibes and crosses fingers (and toes)*

From: [identity profile] buriedchild.livejournal.com

I pray you dont get sick. Drink lots of water.

ps: WALL-E is freaking my drunk shit OUT!!

From: [identity profile] helenahandbag.livejournal.com

*sends good immune system vibes your way*

I would have freaked out if that girl sat next to me. I have a major phobia of vomiting (not other's, but doing it myself), and probably would have leapt out of my seat to escape the germs, lol.

Bit of an overshare, but s'why I'm sending tons of good vibes your way :)

From: [identity profile] buffyaddict13.livejournal.com

meep! i'm sorry you were stuck at the er babe. and even sorrier j has been sick. but i REALLY glad you are not. i hope it stays that way.



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