you know what the real sign of true spring/impending summer is?


i was out in the backyard when i heard that those magical tones. into the house i ran to grab the wallet and then out the front door to eagerly await him. it was just me too, nary a child to be seen.

that, and it was so warm today, i turned the a/c on while i was cleaning.

p.s. - it's still fascinating to watch 20 year old charlie manson interviews. that man is buckets of crazy, yet entertaining none the less.

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OMG. I want a Dreamsicle! Or . . . spellcheck is going crazy. THOSE ORANGE THINGS! SO GOOD.

*runs to the ice cream truck scattering little kids in her path*

Re: Charlie Manson - did they ever kill him? Did he die? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look it up. Yeah. I'm lazy. Heh . . . but it's like that old George Thorogood song, One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer  - "But I'm TIYOD!" LMAO . . . sorry, now I feel like a waste of carbon . . .

*looks it up*

WTF? He's still kickin it? Man. He creeps me out.

Now I want to go watch reruns of Criminal Minds . . .

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i know this sounds so, so wrong, but he's too entertaining to execute. his brand of crazy is pretty special, and it;s a joy to watch him spout out the crazy.

sf chrinical recently released a current pic of him, and damn! he;s such an old man now!

*hands you orange cremesicle*

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LMAO - yeah . . . um. Shit my brain's dead. I read he was born in '32. So he's um . . . 77? Somewhere around there.

Mmmmm . . . CREMESICLE! *dances*

From: [identity profile] cream man, going down the street, with his little vehicle pinging out those cheesy ditties you cannot get out of your head, selling heaven on a stick. Unfortunately, ours never quits, even in winter.

Ice cream & Charlie Manson interviews - now THAT is a way to spend an afternoon! Never a dull moment. I haven't listened to him much, but what I have heard is fascinating in the crazy way.

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not just ice cream, i gots me an it's-it's. YUMMO!!!

he is fascinating. one minute he says he's never killed or harmed anyone, and the next he's going off about how's kill every last one of us were he out. and his demeanor changes just as fast too. i swear he's got multiple personalties, but the exprets say no.


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