so, this sunday i'm headed into SF to see my friend/co-worker miguel perform in full drag for a charity event. i'm quite excited that miguel is waxing. my gay work husband kirk will be there, and i've invited [personal profile] rivers_bend to join us. gay boys, drag queens, and fangirls......what more could a girl want in an afternoon?

yesterday i was discussing with kirk my getting there, and was telling him i'd be taking the train in, as driving in the city makes for a twitchy tiffosis, and the conversation ran along this line:

me: i'm taking BART. the 16th st/misison station isn't too far a walk.
kirk: why don't you take muni?
me: 'cause muni's full of crazies.
kirk: you do realize that all the crazies live around 16th/mission.
me: yeah, but i can outrun the crazies better than i can fend them off in hand-to-hand combat on moving tin can.
kirk: okay, freak.

i don't like buses, and i like muni buses even less. the first and only time a rode one back in the late 80's, the driver thought he was a dare-devil and there was a guy that was high and freaking out, as well as some other people that frankly scared the bejesus out of me. and it was flithy. granted, i think muni has improved itself, but couple that experience with the disaster of me getting on a completely wrong bus in seattle a few years ago (and not realizing it till i was well on my way somewhere else. alone. at night.), i prefer to walk or take a cab when in the city.

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dude, that sounds like a great time! i want to hear all about it! and i don't blame you for shying away from buses. i'd be nervous too.

how are you today?


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morning babe!!!!

how are you today? I HOPE YOU ARE WELL (or at least well-ish.)

i am better now that i am done with the trainees for the day. you know how much i love that.

buses are evil. i barely survived gettng on greyhound getting to you. a perilous journey it was.


did you watch 24 last night?

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hi hon.

i am feeling better today. i don't know if it's new meds or what, but i'll take it.

i'm glad you're done trainees! no, i didn't watch 24 yet. was it good? is tony really a baddie? i did watch last week's fringe though. i was glad to see more charlie, but i'd prefer more peter.

and even though bb was a repeat, it tuns out i hadn't seen that one, so yay!

love you babeh!

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Oh, wow. I want to hear about this, too! Just the thought of getting on a bus makes me quake, but I'm a tiny bit agoraphobic. Go brave you! ♥


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