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i came across this on tv guides mega-buzz.

I heard there is going to be a death on Supernatural, which would be very, very sad! Can you shed some light on that? — Fern
Well, one of the big rumors is that our boy Bobby will be the one to buy it. I broached that prickly topic with cast member Jim Beaver himself, and while he would/could not refute it, he noted, "Nobody takes Bobby down easy!" He then teased the "intense and astonishing" May 14 season finale thusly: "People are going to have some of their expectations toppled." (Much more from the Beav on Thursday.)


and what's worse, if the do off bobby (sniff!) it means j is right. cause she's ALWAYS going on about "when" bobby's going to die, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.
here's the interview alluded to with jim, reagarding harper's island and spn


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