i thought i would hate this ep. and not for the wanky reasons i've heard other's bitch about, with samndean being the only beings in the universe that matter, blah, blah, blah. i thought i'd hate it cuz they'd make a mockery of the story thus far. i was filled with much dubiousness that i would like it, and also thought kripke was going to have one large punch line at the end, hence the title. and the reference to cousin oliver's.

i liked it. i thought it was nicely handled, and the story was good. i have no complaints.

it was slap in the gut to see dean see the normal life he missed out one. that hurt a lot.

and i wonder.....how much of demon-infused blood did sam lose?

will they take this in a direction of "oh, sam is cured of his demon blood addiction!" or "sam lost too much demon blood to fight the upcoming battle?"

forgot to mention....tomorrow night i am taking a course on animal communication. see if i can tune into my intuitive side and "talk" to the beasties.

the course is taught by mary argo, the animal communicator that i've used to communicate with frannie and bear. i am so excited to meet mary. she helped me so, so much when bear was dying, and for that i feel so much gratitude and i can't wait to thank her in person for all she's done.
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