....i am suffering from vertigo.

i spent the morning at my doctor's office getting checked out. she took my blood pressure several times and it was always just slighty above normal, within range. she said they day i got the 140/90 reading was because i was stressed out. she did an ekg and my heart is fine too. guess the ekg doesn't test to see if your heart is shriveled up and dead. *shrug* she says the way i described the dizziness is spot on for vertigo. she prescribed meclizine to me, which is just the fancy name for dramamine, to take when i have an attack. if the attacks get worse and more frequent, i'll have to go to an ear/nose/throat specialist to have him look at re-positionging the bones in my inner ear or some such procedure. sounds fun, y/y? not really....but i am glad my bp is fine. that's scary shit if it isn't.

i am going back in mid-march for a follow-up and a full phyiscal and full blood-work, as there may be some issues with my thyroid. oh, and she gave my a whooping ten, yes you heard me right, 10 ambien for my insomnia. she's a generous gal, that doc of mine. she said that is stress related. really? you think?



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