humongous, giant, wet, sloppy thank you's to the following peeps for their generous donations for tk''s wii fit:

[ profile] cycatryx 
[ profile] chemm80 
[ profile] riverbella 
[ profile] jomk 
[ profile] kymellin 
[ profile] back_in_black 
[ profile] frontyardninja 
[ profile] estei 
[ profile] mcgarrygirl78 
[ profile] quellefromage 
and someone who didn't comment or message me, i know you're name, but i don't want to use that here, so thank you too!!!


we went well above and beyond the call, and i had to get creative how to spend the funds. soon, amazon will be shipping out not only a wii fit (that includes the ski game), the package of tk love will include the shaun white snowboarding road trip game (highly recommended), a balance board charger, and 2 books on the german language as meister tk is quite the budding linguist.

thank you all again for your generousity.  it is much appreciated.


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