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( Apr. 29th, 2007 07:57 pm)
I had a great weekend, if I may say so myself. Ran Ruby in a gymkhana this weekend, and we did great. Normally, when we do good, I don't run right out and blog about it. But this time, I'm gonna. I too, need my occasional moment int he spotlight. 

I won the high points award for my division. I have never won that before, so I am so very happy. 

What that means, is that I rode correctly and well, and did Ruby justice as a rider. She's a great horse, and I am the one that keeps her from running at her full potential. Out of seven events; I got two 1st places, one 2nd, one 3rd, a 4th and two 6ths. One of my best days ever. =)

Had girl's poker nite too, and it was a great way to end the day, eating and drinking with the girls, despite being a bit sunburned and having a headache from too much sun. But nothing a few drinks didn't cure. LOL.

Well, off to bed now, must be up bright and early (again) for the ol' job.

So weird how I can go from being all chatty in the blog world, to not being able to really find the...strength? motivation?.....to even say a few words.

That's where I am at right now. Why? Lord only knows...stress more than likely.

So, I'm off to sunny Fresno for the weekend. Going as the delegate for our district for the CGA board meeting. I've never gone, so I am looking forward to it.

And my BF's kitty Berli is sick - so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, so he gets well soon.

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( Jan. 29th, 2007 11:27 am)
Run wild and free Barbaro, you will be missed.


Yeah. I think I may have seriously injured myself. It has been 2 days since I had a wreck and I seem to be getting worse, not better.

First and foremost - DAMN IT"S HOT!!!!!!! I mean hot - like 112 degrees. No joke, 112.  
So hot that I no longer have a dog, just a puddle of fur on the floor. I have fled my own home, taking my puddle of dog fur, aka Bear, and I'm at friends house right now. She has central AC, I do not. We spent a good chunk of the day at the mall; having lunch, a little shopping and a movie - Pirates of The Carribean, not as good as the first - and it was even too warm in the mall. So hot that we didn't even go the gymkhana (barrel race) we had planned on going to and too hot to even go see the horses. 

Yucky heat. =(

And speaking of horses, my darling mare bucked me off about two weeks ago, and I am still recovering from that - physically and mentally. I lost control of her, and she sompletely took off at a dead run and started to buck. I sat through the first two buck, but the thrid sent me flying. And to make it even better - I did not have my helmet on AND I was riding alone. Bad Tiff!! 
Physically, still have a nasty case of whiplash from hitting the ground so hard and fast. Didn't break anything, thank God, but was very, very stiff and sore for a good week, and my neck still hurts. Mentally, it it shook me really bad. Bad enough that I am some what afraid when I am on her now, but I am working through it, and have gone back to the scene of the crime and rloping her on the area she took off with me by. 

I am going th State Finals for gymkhana on August 5th, so I"m bummed about the heat keeping me from the event today, cause I need to run her through some courses before then, to make sure we will be alright. There is am eveing show next Saturday, so will go to that one and it hopefully won't be as warm.

So, that's the news. Hope everyone is well out there!!!!

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( Feb. 3rd, 2006 11:02 pm)

I will be picking up Ruby in 12 hours!!!!


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( Feb. 2nd, 2006 09:54 pm)
My toe is not getting any better. It still hurts extremely bad and I have yet to be able to put a shoe on it, which isn't cool being that it is cold and rainy here. It's been two weeks! And I miss my shoes!!
And, because of Mr. Broken Toe, I missed a show on Saturday. Albeit I had no horse of my own to ride, I had options, such as boring a friends, etc. I still went, and sat up in the announcers booth and MC'd the whole show. It was cold up there, bit had a lot of fun. And I won a $50 sponsor check for my work to use at the State Finals in August. So, yay!
Anyways, I'm getting concerned about my toe. I am thinking of going to the doctor, but haven't decided. I really think there may be another broken bone in the foot itself other than the toe bone, due to the amount of pain. If it's just the toe, nothing they can do. if something else is broken, then that may mean a cast. Arrgghh!!! I want to be able to ride Ruby!
And speaking of her - only 1 more day until I get to bring her home!! **squee**
Here's some pics of Ruby!
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( Jan. 29th, 2006 07:59 pm)

Well, Banana sold on Friday. I got $3500 for him, and he is going to a show barn in Gilroy. He will be totally spoiled and loved on. The girl that bought him will ride him for dressage, which he will be prefect for.

So I only went horselss for maybe two days, because..........

I bought a new horse today! My roomie has been doing a lot of research to find the perfect horse for me for the past 2-3 weeks. She had it narrowed to a handful of really good prospects, and we went to see the one she thought would be prefect for me today.

And I fell in love right away. She is an eleven year old Quarter Horse mare, 15.2 hands, 1200 lbs. A nice, big solid girl that can pack me. She is solid black, and is the biggest, gentelest love bug ever. She loves to be loved on and have her head scratched. She will stand in place while being tacked and is not figdety at all. And boy is she smooth as glass when in motion and can stop on a dime. She is worth every penny of the $4000 she is going to cost. I get to bring her home next Saturday - I can't wait.

Her name is My Peek A Boo Fritz, or Ruby for short.  =)



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( Jan. 24th, 2006 09:23 pm)

Well, I said goodbye to Banana tonight.

He leaves tomorrow mornning to go down south to a thouroghbred dealer. She's really good and reputable, so I am told she will be able to sell him without a problem. And if she can't after one month (which is unlikely), she'll send him back to me, at no cost. She will cover the boarding & feeding cost for the time she had him. If she does sell him, she'll sell him at my top price - $4000, and give me back $3500, the $500 to cover expenses and her fee.

So, I went out to the barn tonight and groomed him all pretty and hugged and kissed on him for a while, and told him is a good boy, that he is going to find a really, really good home and a rider who can ride him better, and thanked him for all the good times we had - despite the injuries, LOL. 

Even though this is for the best, a part of my feels soooo guilty about this. I'm totally crying again now.

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( Jan. 23rd, 2006 10:25 pm)

After multiple injuries, frustration and sadness; I have finally come to grips with the fact I have to sell my horse and get another that is more suited for me. I bought above my experience level, and I'm not as good of rider as I thought I was when I was buying. Despite the warnings of several knowledgeable people, I had to have him - "I love him and I will make it work", I told everyone.

Well, I didn't make it work. Don't get me wrong, I am a good rider, But still in the beginner level, say maybe an intermediate beginner.  : ) Not a rider that can can handle a 6 year Thoroughbred. And it's not really fair to him either, now is it?

So, I am putting Banana up for sale, and looking for an older, calmer, bomb-proof horse. One that I can just jump on after letting him sit for a while. One that won't kill me. Not that Banana ever purposely tried to, I just can't control him - he takes advantage of me. He needs someone to remind him who's boss.

Here's the ad - if anyone out here in the left coast looking for a horse or know anyone who is - he's a beauty and will make a wonderful dressage horse.


Flashy 5-6 year old Chestnut TB gelding, Banana, $4,000, Gelding, Chestnut, blaze and one white sock, Age: 5, 15.2H, 1100 lbs, Jockey Club #7234, Foaled: 2000, King Wildly Banana -jockey club registered but has not been raced. Has been on trail with no spook - just curiosity stops and stares. Also competed in gymkhana! Very athletic with a long stride and playful. Can get playful on the ground so needs to be reminded of manners. Ties, bathes, clips and trailers like a charm. Good with farrier. Very versatile - moves off leg cues and/or reins. Best for Intermediate rider and only to the right home. Pics available. , 707-207-0434, cell 707-330-7419, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 43776, fairfield, CA, Submitted On: 01/17


And this just in - my pinkie toe is broken. It hurts like a mo-fo!!! I can't wear shoes at all, because the pain from the shoe pressing against little piggie is too much to take, and it's cold outside. Yes, Banana stopped on my foot, but has nothing to do with his ground manners, I just didn't get my foot out of the way quick enough when leading into his stall.



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